GoTu Grow FAQ

Have questions about GoTu Grow? We have answers.

It’s easy! When you sign up, you get access to a library of relevant product, industry and lead generating content​. Create your own marketing campaigns from this content. You can review your campaign via our self-serve platform, then hit send. In 72 hours, you’ll receive an automatic campaign performance summary, including a list of your most engaged subscribers​. Details of opportunities generated from your campaign are sent to you in real-time for easy follow up​. You can also engage subscribers engage with content on a unique microsite ​and scheduled LinkedIn content.

  • You get access to a ready-to-go marketing platform for a low monthly cost, requiring very little resources and time.
  • Stay in front of your customer base on a frequent and consistent basis, while spending no more than 15 minutes a month on marketing.
  • Personalize and customize marketing campaigns using GoTu Grow’ award-winning, multimedia content, for $399/month. The cost of developing this kind of diverse, high-quality content yourself would be roughly $5k/month or $60k/year.
  • See your campaign’s click-through rates, open rates, and top engagers with a summary sent to you automatically after each campaign.
  • Easily schedule and automate LinkedIn posts.
  1. Just navigate to the GoTu Grow site and sign up.
  2. Once you have an account, you can add your target email list (note this list is not shared with anyone, and GoTu Grow is fully compliant with GDPR policy).
  3. When your list is uploaded to your account, our system will remove any invalid or risky emails to reduce spam rates.
  4. Your first campaign will be sent to your inbox. You can either send the campaign as is, or make changes as you see fit.

When your campaigns generate lead opportunities, you’ll receive an alert with information on ​the lead as well as the product or article that generated that lead, so you can follow up quickly.