Digital Marketing for Insurance Brokers

Upgrade your digital insurance marketing with Extu.

Reach out and get growth.

Generate more premiums in just 5 minutes a month

Make the most of your database, and generate professional marketing content that drives more policies and renewals. We’ll create a new campaign for you each month. All you have to do is approve it.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Powerful marketing to your clients in 5 minutes a month

Our smart content platform makes it easy for you to generate targeted, relevant digital content for your customers. Nurture positive relationships and stay top of mind at purchase time.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Turn insights into more customers

With detailed reporting and analysis, we’ll keep you in the know on your customers, helping you make use of valuable insights into their current interests and possible needs.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Say yes to a win-win

Create added value for customers and raise your profile. Make the most of timing and reach them as they approach contract renewal.

Do you want a premium marketing platform and content?

We’ve got you covered.

Personalised, professional content

We create powerful, up-to-date content specific to the industry you work in, or you can choose evergreen content from our content library. All content can be customised to appear as your own.

Leverage your prospects, customers and social followers

With detailed reporting and analysis, we’ll keep you in the know on your customers, helping you make use of valuable insights into their current interests and possible needs.

Track your results in real time

Achieve the perfect balance of memory-making fun and goal-achieving business success.

Be rewarded at renewal time

Running regular integrated campaigns boosts lead generation, shows your leadership and nurtures client relationships. So when customers are in the market to purchase, you’re top of mind.

Consider us part of the team

We’re always on hand to help when we can. The Extu broker management team will guide you through your campaigns to ensure success. See us as an extension of your team there to deliver results while developing a strong relationship over time.

Set up your subscription with just a few clicks

When you receive your first campaign, you’ll see a red banner to indicate that you’ll need to setup your subscription details to launch.

You can select “Pay Now” or “Approve and Schedule” if your campaign is ready to go.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

After clicking “Approve & Schedule,” a pop-up window will open with your name and the amount owed. Click “Proceed to Checkout” to initiate the payment process and set up your monthly subscription.

After your initial payment, you’ll be billed automatically on the first of the month. If you would like to make changes or cancel your subscription, please contact your Extu representative.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

The pop-up window will prompt you for your basic information and account details after clicking “Proceed to Checkout.” Fill out all the required fields to complete the transaction.

We offer secure checkouts through Chargebee. However, you can always review the Extu Global Privacy Policy for more information.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

After your campaign has been approved and scheduled, and your account details added, you can complete your order. The pop-up window will show your amount owed and account details; review to ensure no errors were made.

When you’re ready click “Pay & Subscribe” to finalize the transaction. If enabled, you will also be asked if you would like to post to LinkedIn, which is highly recommended to boost brand visibility.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Here’s how it works

Solutions for Insurance Brokers