Which New Tech Can Your HVAC Business Afford?

New tech is making a big splash in the HVAC industry. How much of this tech can afford to incorporate into your HVAC business? We analyzed HVAC tech trends according to high, moderate, and low accessibility. 

Which New Tech Can Your HVAC Business Afford?

Highly Accessible  

Smart Thermostats 

Low entry point with wany brands offering affordable options with Wi-Fi connectivity and basic smart features. 

  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Data insights 
  • Potential energy savings 

Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Solutions 

Simple plug-and-play sensors or cloud-based monitoring systems are reasonably accessible. 

  • Basic data on system performance 
  • Remote access 
  • Improved service  
  • Preventive maintenance 

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps and Tools 

Some basic AR apps for technicians are available at low costs or even for free!  

  • Visualization of components 
  • Overlaying instructions 
  • Remote troubleshooting guidance

Moderately Accessible

Virtual Building Models (VBMs) 

While high-end VR simulations might be costlier, mid-market companies can explore cloud-based VBM platforms or 3D rendering software 

  • Basic building models for sales presentations  
  • Improve customers’ understanding using visuals 
  • Simulate and anticipate a building’s energy needs 

AI-Powered Maintenance Tools 

Basic AI-driven software options with predictive maintenance functionalities are becoming more affordable. 

  • Valuable insights for service scheduling  
  • Downtime prevention 

Low Accessibility 

Advanced AI Systems 

Complex AI algorithms cost more and might require significant data infrastructure investments. 

  • Real-time optimization  
  • Personalized comfort control 

Nanofiltration Air Purifiers 

Premium air filtration systems can be costly, making them more suitable for luxury homes or healthcare facilities. 

  • Captures ultra-fine particles that HEPA filters miss 
  • Remove viruses, certain heavy metals, and some pharmaceutical residue 
  • Can lead to better sleep and healthier environments 

Geothermal Heat Pumps 

Despite long-term cost savings, installation costs of geothermal systems can be a significant barrier for mid-market companies. 

  • Up to 60% energy savings vs. traditional systems 1  
  • Government incentives and rebates  
  • Lower monthly utility bills 
  • Fewer moving parts and minimal outdoor exposure