We’re Now Extu. What Does That Mean for You?

In a strategic decision that marks a pivotal transformation in our journey, Incentive Solutions and OneAffiniti have officially unveiled our new identity. Say hello to Extu!

In April 2021, incentive program provider Incentive Solutions acquired OneAffiniti, a through-channel marketing program solution, to broaden our capacity to help B2B brands grow. Since that time, we’ve been working on our transition into a unified brand. Extu captures everything we stand for: simply put, we’re in the business of exponentially growing the channel.

As Steve Prebble, our visionary new CEO, said,

Our rebranding reflects our new shared identity and the continued evolution of our company since the combination of Incentive Solutions and OneAffiniti. We are proud to provide our clients with more comprehensive solutions that will help accelerate their growth.

A Few Words from Extu CEO, Steve Prebble

With an array of solutions that includes through-channel marketing, travel incentives, and a cutting-edge online rewards platform, Extu enables our clients to boost sales, foster customer loyalty, and enhance data collection throughout their distribution channels. This holistic approach to channel marketing solutions will give our clients better visibility and understanding of the channel, empowering them to make better business decisions and achieve exponential growth.

As Extu boldly steps into this new era, clients can expect a seamless transition and expanded offerings. Stay tuned as Extu continues shaping the future of channel marketing, one innovative solution at a time!

For more information, read the full press release about our rebranding.