Tech Bites – How To Keep Your Business Successful Through The Coronavirus Crisis

This insightful article from Extu highlights the critical role of marketing during economic uncertainties, like the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the pandemic’s severe impact on the economy, Extu demonstrates how consistent engagement in marketing programs can sustain partner and customer relationships. The article emphasizes the importance of investing in marketing during tough times, drawing parallels with post-9/11 strategies and citing expert opinions on how marketing drives commerce and prepares businesses for eventual economic rebounds.

Key points include the benefits of continued marketing, such as fewer distractions from competitors who reduce ad spend, maintaining brand stability, and staying top-of-mind with future customers. Extu shares its approach to keeping marketing relevant, offering free monthly marketing assets to partners and adapting content to meet shifting business needs. The article advises businesses to maintain active marketing efforts, stay connected with partners, and consider budget adjustments that prioritize digital strategies. By focusing on clients and planning for the coming months, businesses can not only survive but potentially thrive in challenging times. This piece is a must-read for businesses seeking to navigate economic uncertainty with effective marketing strategies.