Selling AI to SMBs: It’s About the Story, Not the Tech

SMBs are hesitant about AI, but it’s not the technology, it’s the marketing! Here’s how to win them over:

  • Focus on benefits, not features: Speak their language! Show how AI solves their real problems, like saving time, cutting costs, and boosting sales. Don’t get bogged down in tech jargon.
  • Become a trusted advisor: Offer partner certification programs to equip resellers with AI expertise. This builds trust and helps them effectively sell AI solutions.
  • Incentivize, incentivize, incentivize! Reward resellers for embracing AI with financial rewards, marketing support, and other perks. They’ll be more likely to champion AI to their customers.
  • Tell compelling stories: Use case studies, short reports, and visuals to showcase how AI benefits similar businesses. Make it interactive with surveys and questionnaires to engage potential buyers.
  • Brands, lead the way! Don’t leave resellers hanging. Offer through-channel marketing with high-quality content that generates leads.

Remember, it’s about the story, not the tech. Speak their language, address their needs, and show them how AI can be their secret weapon for success.

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