Extu hires Gilroy Associates to further develop offering for global IT vendors and tier 2 channel partners

Sales in the North American market account today for two thirds of global revenues.

AUSTIN, Texas (June 6, 2018) — Extua leader in channel marketing services for IT partners and global IT brands, today announces that it is hiring the services of Gilroy Associates to help fuel and consolidate its strong growth on the U.S. market. Since Extu opened an American office in Austin in 2015 it has seen its sales in the North American market grow to more than two thirds of its global revenues. Gilroy Associates will now assist Extu in maintaining this growth rate momentum by expanding and fine-tuning the company’s offering for global IT vendors.

Kevin Gilroy: prominent channel expert

Gilroy Associates is a strategic consulting firm that was founded by Kevin Gilroy and Carrie Maslen. CEO Kevin Gilroy has a wealth of experience in the enterprise computing industry. With past experiences such as EVP and GM for the Enterprise Division North-America of Samsung and Senior VP and General Manager Global Small and Mid Market Segment of SAP, Mr. Gilroy has a deep understanding of the needs of both IT vendors and their channel partners.

“Extu has made great strides in the North American market over the last few years. Its through-channel marketing solution is already one of the best programs of its kind. The quality of leadership and services that this company brings to the table makes me confident that we are just at the beginning of Extu’s growth story. I look forward to working with Extu in identifying opportunities to further develop and fine-tune solutions for North American channel partners and vendors,” said Mr. Gilroy.

Over $350m in attributable sales revenue generated through U.S channel partners

Extu has been growing rapidly since its arrival on the U.S. market from Australia in 2015. Among the vendors that Extu currently serves on the North American market are Lenovo, Dell and HPE. Through 2,500 channel partners in the U.S. market Extu reaches 3 million IT buyers, generating over $350 million in attributable sales from over 40,000 campaigns.

At the core of the service offering for global IT vendors are the through-channel marketing services, which ensure IT vendors can engage SMEs through thousands of tier 2 channel partners. These partners typically don’t have in house marketing teams to take advantage of vendor funded programs or self-service marketing platforms.  Extu combines consistent engagement, valuable content and ease of partner execution to activate campaigns for partners. The program is fully funded by participating vendors and proven to drive leads and attributable sales.

“We have grown remarkably in the United States over the last years. But we want to provide the value of our channel marketing offering to even more vendors and their tier 2 channel partners. Our ambition is to become the number one channel marketing provider for IT vendors on the North American market. Kevin Gilroy and his team at Gilroy Associates will deliver us an immense amount of value as we grow,” says Joel Montgomery, CEO of Extu.

Hi-res head shots of Messrs. Montgomery and Gilroy together with the logos of both companies can be found here: https://goo.gl/KkdMK9

About Extu

Extu offers IT channel partners hands-off, sophisticated marketing services fully funded by the largest IT brands in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Through a mix of high-quality digital marketing, innovative content, promotions, and insights Extu helps IT channel partners acquire new clients and engage their existing customers.

The company was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and has operated in the U.S. since 2015, when it opened offices in Austin, TX. The Austin office now employs more than 25 staff who are dedicated to supporting North American campaigns.. The company has a worldwide staff of 65.

About Gilroy Associates

Gilroy Associates is a team of executives with a combined 150 years of experience working for and in Fortune 100, Mid-Market, SMB, Government, and Not For Profit sectors. With experience spanning the globe, including working for and leading both U.S. and foreign-owned companies, Gilroy Associates has a proven record in both the channel and direct spaces.