Mr. Steam

A good company to create an environment that incentivizes our key dealers to sell more of our products and get rewarded for it. — Dan Reinert 

Loyalty Works has been a great partner for Siemens. We are able to target our customers directly and reward them for purchasing Siemens Products. Loyalty Works makes the process very easy. The ROI on targeted customers far exceeds our typical customer ROI.  — Jon Duffie  

We’ve been with Extu for over 3 years now – we’re really engaging with customer we may not have engaged with in the past. Using program to increase revenue and profit and prove it, on several products that we offer our b2b customers. The relationship we have with Extu has been outstanding. The greatest benefit – hitting top line growth. It’s made us a lot cooler than the company that just makes little grey boxes.  — Dave Quatela