Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling 

Incentive programs, such as rebates and rewards for purchases, helps keep our products top of mind with contractors. We are the top preferred brand of ductless, but ductless itself requires additional push through the channel since it is largely still considered niche. Incentives help us strengthen the contractors consideration in ductless and our brand. We also experiencing more frequent product innovations, and subsequently may find a need to drive a reduction of current stock. Incentives are a great win-win marketing tool for us and the channel. — Mike Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager, Residential 

Extu has been an invaluable vendor partner over the years helping motivate HVAC contractors to recommend our Mitsubishi Electric brand and to register each installation in the warranty system they helped us develop. Their rebate incentive and points-based loyalty programs are major contributors to our sales success.  — Mike Smith