MarketWatch – Extu Launches GoTu Rewards, a Flexible, Affordable Incentive Platform to Drive Loyalty

GoTu Rewards is Extu’s new incentive industry game-changer. Fast to launch, flexible, and budget-friendly, this platform is the go-to solution for companies of all sizes to kickstart a killer loyalty program without burning through their budget. GoTu Rewards stands out for its simplicity and a reward catalog with millions of exciting options.

“Midmarket and SMB companies are frequently looking for programs to incentivize their sales teams, employees, resellers and consumers—yet many programs are too expensive and difficult to manage,” shared Extu’s CEO, Steve Prebble. “GoTu Rewards takes the worry and work out of incentive programs”

With zero monthly fees, GoTu Rewards follows a pay-as-you-go structure. Companies can snag points or physical gift cards in bulk, dishing them out when and where they’re needed. This slashes the administrative hassle while offering a treasure trove of enticing rewards that keep participants earning. Plus, GoTu Rewards meets Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 compliance requirements to keep corporate and participant data under lock and key.

William Lupo, Extu’s Chief Revenue Officer, breaks it down: “GoTu Rewards is a high reward but low cost option with great perks for participants that are sure to spark motivation and drive revenue.”

For more information on GoTu Rewards, check out our press release or contact us.