The Incentive Insider | February 2022

2021: A Year of Prepping for Tomorrow

There’s an acronym coined in the eighties that feels very apt for current times: VUCA. It stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Harvard Business Review says leaders should respond to VUCA by restructuring, building up resources, experimenting, and investing in information. Although Incentive Solutions has traditionally focused on growing sales—both internally and for our clients—the past two years marked a shift in our tactics. With our acquisition of Extu, now is the time to invest in resources. This approach means increased trust and preparedness for our employees. For our clients, it means they are ever closer to getting the best of both product lines. Here’s to 2022, helping our internal and client family get ready for the future!

We Raised $1,750 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

choa logo with atlanta background - distinguished clown corps

Every year, Incentive Solutions CEO Mark Herbert and the rest of Atlanta’s Distinguished Clown Corps join forces with the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) hospital to spread joy at the Children’s Christmas Parade. Although we were sad about the parade’s cancellation this year, that didn’t keep our Distinguished Clown down! Mark, with aid from Incentive Solutions/Extu employees and clients, raised $1,754 to help CHOA fund its facility at a time when we need our health care workers the most. Thank you to everyone who pitched in!

Incentive Travel Is Taking Off in 2022

image of a river cruise - incentive group travel

By the end of 2021, people were itching for a change of scenery, and travel incentive program managers heeded the call! The Incentive Solutions travel team has been very busy booking incentive trips for over 1,300 attendees in six different programs. This is our biggest quarter for incentive travel in two years, another marker of progress toward a post-quarantine travel landscape.

Where are we going, you ask? “Many of our participants are going to be enjoying the sunny Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico,” says our Director of Travel Services, Deven Crane. “Others are hopping on river cruises through Amsterdam and Switzerland.”

If you’re planning an international incentive trip, don’t forget that current U.S. policy requires a negative COVID-19 test no more than 24 hours before your flight back to the States. “If you want to take pent-up participants on a trip but you don’t want to worry about the constant changes to COVID travel polices, it’s a good idea to work with an incentive travel program provider.”

For more information on booking a safe, fun incentive trip, give Deven a call at 1-866-567-7431.

Star Employee of the Quarter: Macey Raines

The Incentive Insider | February 2022

Macey Races to the Top!

Incentive Solutions and Extu teams are quickly getting to know Macey from global, virtual events such as our Halloween costume contest and White Elephant holiday party. She’s one of the driving forces in invigorating our Care Committee and is always first to volunteer time.

“She stepped up to the plate while we were hiring additional Sales Development Reps to help her,” says Luke Kreitner, VP of Sales, “She created more new business opportunities in Q4 than the previous two quarters combined!”

Chief Marketing Officer Nichole Gunn adds, “There is nothing this brilliant, daring woman won’t do. She’s transparent in her feedback on sales processes and backs up her theories with data. Her hustle is real! She helps bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales. We’re better because of her willingness to drive good to great!”

Way to go, Macey!

Star Employee of the Quarter: Billy Shida

The Incentive Insider | February 2022

Billy Shida Is a Shining Example!

If you’re looking for someone who positively impacts the company while displaying core values as well as always learning and improving… look no further than our Corporate Controller, Billy Shida! Since being hired seven years ago, Billy has made himself indispensable to our company. He was quickly promoted from Accountant to Accounting Manager, but didn’t stop there! He earned his masters and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in order to become our Corporate Controller.

“Billy has headed the largest projects that this company’s ever endeavored to take on,” says Incentive Solutions Chief Financial Officer, Scott Bedora. “That includes the implementation of NetSuite, which required looking at multiple levels of globally reporting and migrating two years of data. He handled payroll transition and our electronic benefits enrollment. All this while seeing zero turnover in his department and hitting quarterly goals for four quarters in a row. His leadership skills improve continuously and he lives company values daily.”

Thank you for being a model employee, Billy!

New Hires on the Block!

The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Evelyn Alvarez
Merchandise Redemption Specialist
Evelyn has been in the customer service field for over 15 years. She’s passionate about product perception, marketing, and business statistics. When she’s not working, she spends her time with her kids and grandbaby. Welcome aboard and good luck in your new role, Evelyn!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Daneshia Diaz
Account Manager
Hailing from Chicago by way of the Air Force via Las Vegas to Atlanta, Daneshia is a mother of three beautiful daughters and one fur baby son, Sylvi. Her work background includes telecommunications, project management, and program management. She’s a fan of Atlanta United, the Chicago Bears, and the White Sox. In her spare time, she loves to cook, read, attend sporting events, and travel. Welcome to the Incentive Solutions family, Daneshia!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Gabriele McBean
Merchandise Redemption Specialist
Gabriele is currently a senior at Georgia State University, graduating with her Bachelor’s in Neuroscience. She has been with Walgreens for 4 years as a certified Pharmacy Technician. She lives with her dog Luna and, in her free time, likes to bake and spend time with her family. Welcome to the team, Gabriele!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Quimer Mercado
Front End Web Developer
Quimer is a seasoned tech junkie and crypto enthusiast. He’s an inquisitive person who thrives on work that challenges him to gain new skills and expand his horizons. He tries to keep up with changes in the state of the art so that he can approach problems with appropriate tools for the job. Welcome to our IT department, Quimer!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Moncel Mira
Web Designer
Moncel has been a Web Designer with UI/UX Design experience for four years. He loves experimenting with tools to create diverse, attention-catching designs and modern, fully interactive websites. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing musical instruments, biking, playing console games, and playing basketball. Welcome, Moncel!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Jaquie Revilla
Participant Services Coordinator
Jacquie was born in Mexico and came to Atlanta at age 12. She’s a mom of two boys and two girls. She’s adventurous, funny, and her favorite colors are blue and turquoise. In her free time, she loves to play soccer and hike. Welcome to the PSC team, Jacquie!
The Incentive Insider | February 2022
Jordan Thacker
Participant Services Coordinator
Jordan is currently a sophomore at the University of West Alabama, studying Communications and Graphic Design! For fun, he focuses on low-light photography, song-writing, plant-care, and craft coffee. He’s also a huge video game and anime fan! Welcome aboard the PSC team, Jordan!

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