Case Study

Incentive Program to Boost Mobile App Adoption & Sales Submissions

The Situation

Known for their reliability, low cost of ownership, and aggressive growth, this manufacturer uses a dealer incentive program as a competitive differentiator in their channel, with a high degree of emphasis on enablement, education, engagement, and communication.

This lift truck manufacturer added a mobile app to their dealer incentive program this past year. Their dealer mobile app improves the accessibility of their program and the manufacturer’s ability to engage dealers, differentiate their rewards programs, and build loyalty in their channel. However, initial adoption for the mobile app was slow…

The Solution

Custom, multi-touchpoint incentive-based marketing campaign, designed to incentivize dealers to download the mobile app by creating awareness and educating them on its value proposition:

Goal 1: Use incentive-based marketing to accelerate adoption of their dealer incentive mobile app.

Goal 2: Use limited-time point bonuses to encourage dealers to submit sales claims from the mobile app.

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Of dealers were extremely receptive to reward program-related emails.


Increase in mobile app usage across 16 weeks.


Submitted sales claims using our intuitive sales claim submission tool.