Case Study

Electric Distributor’s Sales Incentive Program Reduces Costs 80%

The Situation

One of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., providing service to more than 4 million customers, wanted to promote electric restaurant equipment. Owners of SMB restaurants were choosing gas-powered equipment, despite the benefits of going electric. The client wanted those restaurants to flip the switch and move to electric.

The Solution

We created a distributor reward program with a custom rewards site. Distributors logged into the site to view and redeem their points. They earned points by selling and installing electrical equipment in restaurants.

We also created communications to explain the program, drive adoption, and generate excitement.

“We essentially hired a sales force of 100 people who were plugged into the industry without employing a single one.”

— Food Services Division Manager

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Program ROI


Cost reduction


Over their annual equipment goal after just 6 months