Jeff Cagle in Contractor Supply Magazine: How Through Channel Marketing Benefits Distributors

Jeff Cagle, recently named Director of Global Accounts at Incentive Solutions and Extu, contributed insights to Contractor Supply magazine on how through channel marketing benefits distributors.

Through-channel marketing (TCM) programs are typically offered by vendors and suppliers better enable their partners to market on their behalf. In an ideal channel partnership, TCM programs present an opportunity for a win-win—channel partners access high-quality marketing assets and campaigns that they can easily send to their customers, gaining trust and engagement, while vendors/suppliers educate and engage audiences on their products and services. Best case scenario, both organizations reap the benefits of engaged, informed customers and increased sales.

The problem is that most vendors and suppliers offer TCM or other similar programs, and channel partners can easily become oversubscribed and overwhelmed with too much marketing content to sift through. The key is to make it as easy as possible for distributors to access good, relevant, timely content. Some of the TCM features Cagle recommends:

Lead Data Upload and Management

Distributors should be able to easily upload their customer or subscriber lists and automatically filter out invalid contact info.

Integration Capabilities

TCM software should integrate with other channel sales and marketing programs such as partner relationship management, channel incentives management and sales enablement platforms.

Performance Tracking

TCM program performance analytics should show open and click rates, as well as actionable data on campaign performance and attributable revenue.


Whether gift cards, debit cards, or redeemable points system, incentives should be desirable and accessible to all incentive program participants.

Content Marketing Services

A TCM solution that offers content writing services can save you time and resources while ensuring your content marketing includes thought leadership and industry insights, not just product marketing.

Partner Support Services

Responsive, multi-language support teams help make sure your distributors have a positive experience with your TCM program.

For more details on how through channel marketing benefits distributors, see Jeff’s full article in Contractor Supply.