Construction Sales Tactics to Ditch in 2024

In the rapidly evolving, constantly growing construction industry, outdated sales tactics can hold you back. Are you stuck in the past with methods that no longer resonate with builders? Time to ditch stale construction sales tactics and embrace innovative solutions for 2024 and beyond. 

1. Construction Sales Tactics to Ditch: Cold Calling & Generic Promotions 

First on our list: ditch cold calling and generic promotions.  Builders today are digital natives, demanding personalized product resources and sales promotions. You can’t quickly address their needs with sales tactics like bulky paper catalogs, cold calling, resource-intensive trade shows, or spray-and-pray email blasts. 

Instead, leverage technology to create reward-based data collection initiatives and get more with automated communications, so you can develop targeted marketing campaigns and promotions based on builder preferences and project needs.    

2. Construction Sales Tactics to Ditch: Manual Processes & Disconnected Data

Next up: ditch manual processes and disconnected data.   

Manually generating reports and managing campaigns is time-consuming and inefficient. This makes it hard for you to easily access important sales and customer data or respond quickly to market changes.   

Embrace cloud-based solutions that automate tasks, centralize data, and provide real-time insights. Gain valuable knowledge to optimize your strategies and maximize your resources. 

3. Construction Sales Tactics to Ditch: Ineffective Incentive Programs

Ditch ineffective incentive programs.  Point-of-sale incentives are limited and often impersonal. Builders crave meaningful rewards that motivate them to partner with you long-term. 

Introduce a flexible reward program with a diverse catalog of rewards, or even bulk-order gift card options. Use incentive technology SOC2-compliant data security so your participants’ information is safe. 

Your incentive platform should have tracking and automatic performance summaries so you always know the program’s impact on sales performance.     

By ditching outdated tactics and embracing innovative solutions, you can increase sales, build stronger partnerships, and gain a competitive edge. 

Remember, success in 2024 demands agility and innovation. Ditch the tactics that hold you back and embrace the future of construction sales.