Benchmarks of a Successful Channel Incentive Program

An Extu Study Detailing Top-Performing Program Data Over the Last 10 years!

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With over 73% of all world trade flowing through a sales channel, channel incentive programs are a top choice for companies looking to execute a competitive go-to-market strategy. When compared to investments made into direct sales and consumer marketing, investing in a channel incentive program produces a substantially higher ROI- that is, when the program is implemented correctly.

But how do you know if your channel incentive program is on the track to success? What exactly does a successful channel incentive program look like?

With over 25+ years of experience, Extu studied 35 of the most successful channel incentive programs in our client base to answer these questions. Our findings include:

  • Enrollment statistics among an active participant base.
  • The total percentage of participants that received a reward, as well as the rate at which it was received.
  • The ideal amount of equity spent per participant.
  • The preferred rate of program engagement through reward redemption.
  • A snapshot of the major key performance indicators, including frequency of logins, rewards earned, and rewards redeemed.

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