Case Study

National Manufacturer Engages & Boosts Loyalty With Incentives

The Situation

A manufacturer of dehumidifiers, air movers, drying systems, and air scrubbers was in desperate need of a brand differentiator. They were selling through distributors in a mature market with a recent influx of low-cost competitors, and wanted a loyalty program to help them provide value and stand out.

The Solution

The company launched one of the first loyalty programs in the restoration industry. Rewards were offered based on product(s) purchased. As it was designed for distributors, this program gave participants the flexibility to share rewards with their employees, outside customers, or just as a way to acquire tools for the business.

The company promoted the program through a landing page which gave access to registration, login, and an explanation of rules and point-earning opportunities. The point values of products were also listed on the webpages for the products.

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Increase in Enrollment


Increase in the Number of Points Awarded


Increase in the Number of Points Redeemed