Tara Yukawa in Sales & Marketing Management: How to Boost B2B Sales Using AI

Welcome to the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and B2B sales strategies. In a new article published in Sales & Marketing Management, Extu’s Vice President of Global Operations, Tara Yukawa, explores how AI is transforming the B2B sales landscape. AI can help companies boost B2B sales and turn their mundane, routine sales processes into efficient and dynamic operations. Tara explores how AI aids in crafting personalized customer profiles, automates content creation, and even serves as an on-demand sales coach and customer service agent.

Here are the article’s key insights on how to boost B2B sales:

  • AI for Customer Profiling: Discover how AI can analyze vast amounts of data to build detailed customer profiles and predict needs, enhancing the relevance and personalization of your messaging.
  • Content Generation: Learn how AI can function as a content creator, designing personalized emails, proposals, and social media posts that resonate deeply with your audience.
  • Sales Training and Support: Find out how AI can simulate sales scenarios for training, provide real-time feedback on sales calls, and automate routine documentation to free up human creativity and interaction.

This article not only illuminates the potential of AI in revolutionizing B2B sales but also provides practical applications that businesses can implement immediately. With insights from an industry leader and backed by a reputable source, it’s a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies with AI. For the entire scoop, read the full article on Sales & Marketing Management magazine.

About the Author: Tara Yukawa is the Vice President of Global Operations at Extu, where she leverages her extensive experience in strategic operations to drive global initiatives. With a sharp focus on data-driven results and operational efficiency, Tara’s leadership is pivotal in scaling Extu’s reach and enhancing its technological solutions. Her approach combines rigorous analysis with a deep commitment to developing her team, embodying Extu’s ethos of servant leadership.

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