A Beginner’s Guide: Getting More ROI From Your Incentive Program

Modern incentive programs are about much more than just purchasing rewards to hand out in opportune moments. They’re an investment into a complete sales and marketing tech stack with the ability to capture more invaluable customer data and to grow your business exponentially.

Getting more bang for your buck

Like any sound business venture, calculating the effectiveness of your incentive program means proving a positive ROI. Whether you are toying with the idea of incentives, or have an established program with no way to track your progress, Extu is here to help.

Released in tandem with our latest ROI calculator, this beginner’s guide will touch on:

  • The importance of data collection as part of a sound incentive program strategy
  • A breakdown of the sales and marketing department benefits of an incentive program
  • A step-by-step guide to using the Extu ROI calculator
  • Important incentive program data markers that every channel incentive program should have

See just how much more your business stands to benefit from investing in an incentive program. Download “A Beginner’s Guide: Getting MORE ROI From Your Incentive Program” now!

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