B2B Sales Strategy: Personalization, Data, and Incentives

Gone are the days of B2B sales strategy where a quality product and trade show advertising were sufficient in achieving differentiation. Digital marketing and data collection capabilities have become the keys to B2B marketing and sales success. Couple this with the shift in B2B buyer’s digital demands and expectations, and businesses without an online presence will soon be unable to compete.

The B2B marketplace is undergoing its largest transformation yet.

With the release of B2B Sales Strategy: Personalization, Data, and Incentives, we hope to prepare your company for the future channel landscape with actionable B2B sales strategies and tactics. Inside, you’ll find:

  • An overview of both channel trends as well as disruptors that manufacturers and distributors are facing
  • An in-depth dive into today’s largest target market demographic
  • B2B marketing strategies for personalizing the buyer’s journey
  • An example of a successful channel incentive program as part of a modern, competitive B2B sales strategy
  • Important incentive program data markers that every channel incentive program should have

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