Average Cyberattack Cost Tops $1 Million: What It Means for MSPs

Are you prepared for a $1 million cyberattack?

Cyberattacks are getting nastier and more expensive, with the average cost now topping a whopping $1 million. This is bad news for businesses of all sizes, but especially for MSPs who have to be the shield for their customers.

Here’s the reality check:

  • Attacks are frequent: 21% of businesses report daily attacks, and 78% experience service disruptions or outages.
  • They’re costly: The average attack costs over $1 million, impacting operations, productivity, and customer trust.
  • Many are unprepared: A shocking 34% of businesses lack a cybersecurity emergency plan.

So, what’s an MSP to do?

  • Prioritize advanced security: Businesses are actively investing in newer, more effective solutions. Can you offer them?
  • Go beyond tech: Security is about processes and people too. Can you provide holistic solutions?
  • Be ready to answer the tough questions: How will you protect your customers? Can you offer immediate detection, response, and backup?

This is a new era for cybersecurity, and MSPs are on the front lines. It’s time to step up, adapt, and protect your customers from this ever-growing threat.

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