Announcing Incentive Solutions’ New CEO – Mark Herbert!

We’ve got an exciting announcement! Mark Herbert, president and Chief Operations Officer here at Incentive Solutions, became our new CEO in June. He will lead Incentive Solutions as our president and CEO.

Wait, Where’s Steve Damerow?

Steve’s still around, but would prefer the name “founder” of Incentive Solutions these days. After all, he started the company in 1994, lead us through the acquisition of Loyaltyworks and the development of several smart incentive technologies. He’s done a lot for our company, and will continue to do so as a board member.

Introducing Mark Herbert, Our New CEO

We are a lucky bunch. Why? Our new CEO came from within our ranks. The moment Steve thought of stepping down from the CEO seat, he knew Mark Herbert, his long-time friend and business partner, would be up for the job. Mark and Steve’s relationship goes way back to the early 1990s. That’s when the two met up over a drink or coffee and debated the future of the incentive industry.

It was at one of these debates that Steve saw an opportunity in Mark, and invited him to come work at his new incentive company. And one fateful day in 2002, Mark took Steve up on his offer. That day, Mark became president and COO at Incentive Solutions. The rest is history.

A New Chapter, Established Leadership

A 16-year veteran at ISI, Mark is an operations-minded leader with an eye for the future. He was instrumental in the development of our complete sales and marketing tool, The Performance Tracking Module. And in his new role as both president and CEO at the company, we’re excited to see where his leadership steers our technology and services next!

Want to learn more? Read the full press release.

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