Case Study

$75M Increase In Pipeline Growth
In 8 Months

The Situation

 A leading IT distributor and solutions aggregator partnered with Extu to better market to the EDU sector of their channel. With Extu’s through-channel marketing (TCM) technology and services, the distributor was able to provide marketing collateral for partners to promote and acquire new EDU leads in just 8 months.

The Solution

Extu’s TCM programs are effective because they have more than technology going for them. We provide technology alongside campaign data and content marketing services so you can not only drive better results from your marketing with high-quality and professionally-written content, but prove the sales revenue directly attributable to your marketing efforts. 


  • Zero partners promoting education
  • Zero EDU leads
  • Zero partner-facing marketing collateral

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Partners promoting education


Value from 100+ EDU leads


Partner-facing marketing collateral