7 best-kept secrets from partners

If you’re wondering why you aren’t seeing significant sales results from more of your partners, you’re not alone.

Understand your partners. Maximize returns.

After years of experience creating through-partner marketing programs with the world’s largest companies, we’ve identified seven little known secrets for building a wildly successful channel marketing program.

These elements can help fill any gaps and upgrade your current program to better align with your partners:

  1. Most brands’ assumptions about partners’ needs are wrong
  2. Smaller partners have more growth potential than top performers
  3. Pipeline-based ROI is not enough
  4. Content should be helping the partner first, not the brand
  5. Partners want – and need – more than just a portal
  6. Partners should be privacy savvy, but they aren’t
  7. If partners aren’t consistently using the program, it’s not good enough

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