2020 Business IT Trends Annual Report

Security is a top motivator across all areas 

We surveyed businesses from various industry verticals about their technology budgets and spending priorities for the year 2020. Brace yourselves for the game-changing insights we uncovered, such as: 

IT budgets are increasing, even in hard times 

 IT organizations cutting back are vastly outnumbered by those boosting their IT spending. Investment in core systems is part of strategic plans for most organizations out there. This isn’t about vendor hype or unrealistic expectations—it’s all about real-world issues. Companies know the importance of investing in the right hardware and software that aligns with their business needs. 

Security is now much more important 

Many organizations are still relying on a piecemeal approach when it comes to security, but it’s time to level up by adopting a proactive and integrated information security strategy.  

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Organizations are investing heavily in on-premise hardware and software 

Despite the whole cloud frenzy, companies are investing in traditional areas like hardware and software. Desktop and laptop PCs are leading the hardware game, closely followed by servers. As for software, it’s across the board, but core infrastructure investments take the crown. And security is paramount. 

Not everyone is an ‘Early Adopter’ 

But here’s the deal—flashy gimmicks won’t always cut it. It’s all about necessity and logic. Software requirements are getting complex, and hardware needs to keep up. Businesses are looking for proven products that deliver results, not just something shiny and new. 

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About this report 

We’ve done all the legwork to bring you the 2020 Business IT Trends Annual Report. Trust us, it’s packed with insights from our extensive survey of 726 IT decision-makers and influencers across North America, Australia/New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We’re here to keep you in the loop. 

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