Last updated: June 17, 2024

Extu uses certain subprocessors (including members of the Extu group and third parties, as listed below) to assist it in providing the services as described in the applicable standard terms and conditions.

These subprocessors may be located or have their servers located overseas.  Personal information will only be transferred to organizations where Extu has established adequate safeguards that meet Extu’s requirements and in accordance with applicable privacy law.

Extu group subprocessors

The following entities are members of the Extu Group. Accordingly, they function as subprocessors to provide the services.

Entity NameCountryPurpose
Finnigan Investments (Australia) Pty LtdAustraliaGroup head office
OneAffiniti LLCUSASales & marketing office
OneAffiniti LtdUKSales & marketing office

Infrastructure data storage subprocessors

The following table describes the countries and legal entities engaged by Extu in the storage of data.

Entity NameCountryEntity Type
Amazon Web ServicesAustralia and USACloud service provider
Flexential Corp. USA Data Center Provider 
Google CloudUSACloud service provider

Service-specific subprocessors

Extu works with certain third parties to provide specific functionality within the services, assess the effectiveness of and/or optimize the services.

Entity NameCountryPurpose
AlchemerUSAForm submissions
Bakkt Marketplace, LLCUSATravel Services Fulfillment
Best Buy Co. Inc.USAMerchandise Fulfillment
Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc USA Gift Card Fulfillment 
Books-A-Million, Inc.USAMerchandise Fulfillment
Bulovoa Watch CompanyUSAMerchandise Fulfillment
CalendlyUSACalendar scheduling integration
Campaign MonitorUSAEmail distribution
Capitol Sales CompanyUSAMerchandise Fulfillment
Castle Merchandising, IncUSAMerchandise Fulfillment
ChargebeeAustraliaSubscription billing management
ClearbitUSAValidation of contact details
The DataDirect Group USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
DomoUSAAnalytics, insights and reporting
Edenred SEFRAMerchandise Fulfillment
EmaptaPhilippinesProduction team and support hub
Fandango Media LLCUSAMovie Ticket Fulfillment
GiftbitCanadaGift card portal
GiftPayAUFlexi eGift System
GlockAppsUSAEmail deliverability analysis
Google, LLC USA Web Site Analytics 
Google Tag Manager/Google AnalyticsUSAAnalysis of behavioral statistics
G Suite (Google Apps)USAOffice productivity tools
Helix Global Solutions, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
HotjarMaltaAnalysis of behavioural statistics
Incentive Concepts, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Incomm Digital Solutions, LLC USA Gift Card Fulfillment 
Ingram Content Group USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Ingram Entertainment, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
IRIS WorldwideUSAAdvertising and marketing services
KleerWest, LLC USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
KPI AnalyticsUSAData lead generation and intelligence
Lapine, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Links Unlimited, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
MAS, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
MicrosoftUSAOffice productivity tools
Microsoft Corporation USA Identity, Authentication, Email, File Storage, Log Storage
My Channel Team (“Spark Your Channel”)USAVideo content platform
O’Rourke Sales Company USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
OmnicardUSAGift card portal
Onbe, Inc USA Prepaid Debit Fulfillment 
PayPal Holdings, Inc USA Credit Card Processing 
Power Sales and Advertising, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Premco Associates USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Premstar, Inc. USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Prezzy CardNZGift card portal
Proam Golf USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Q6 Inc. USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
The Rocket Science Group LLC USA Email Delivery 
SalesforceUSAClient relationship management
Sand Dune Mail Ltd USA Email Delivery 
SendgridUSAEmail distribution
SmartsheetUSATask and project management
Stark Enterprises, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
StripeUSAPayment processor
Successful ChannelsUSAScorecard platform
Top Brands, Inc USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
Ticket Network, Inc USA Event Ticket Fulfillment 
TwilioUSASMS notification & delivery
Universal Gift CardsAustraliaGift card portal
Zane’s Cycle USA Merchandise Fulfillment 
ZapierUSAAutomation and syncing
ZerobounceUSAValidation of subscriber emails