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Fully funded for select Google for Education partners

Professional Content. Minimal Work.

In partnership with Google for Education, we manage a monthly email marketing campaign designed to keep you top of mind with clients and uncover new sales opportunities. We supply the content and the platform, you approve the articles and click “send”. It’s that easy.

Zero Cost

Fully funded by Google for Education for you as a valued partner. 

5 Minute Approval

Our program only requires a few minutes of your time each month to review and approve your campaign content.

Social Engagement

Approved articles are automatically scheduled to your company’s Linkedin throughout the month.

Great Content

Professionally-written thought leadership articles, ebooks and infographics prepared for you every month.

Simplified Reporting

See your top leads, click through and open rates with a campaign summary 72 hours after your campaign is scheduled. 

Dedicated Sucess Manager

Your account manager is always available to guide you through your campaigns to ensure success – just like an extension of your team.

How it works

Register Online

Register Online

Complete the registration form with your campaign preferences so our team can start customizing your campaign.

 Upload Subscribers

You Control the List

You are in full control of who is added and deleted from your subscriber list.

Unsubscribes are automatically removed from all future campaigns.

OneAffiniti Terms & Conditions

Under your service agreement with OneAffiniti, you are responsible for compliance with local applicable Privacy and Anti-Spam Laws. This means you need to make sure that you have made the necessary notifications and obtained the necessary consents from your customers to send them email campaigns.

Whilst OneAffiniti is not able to provide legal advice regarding your compliance with local privacy and SPAM regulations, we can provide some general guidance to assist you with testing your customer list prior to joining the program.

Before you import your customer list, you should consider whether you have:

  1. Clear, explicit consent from the individual; or
  2. Can prove a legitimate business interest to send them an email campaign based on an existing business relationship with the individual. An existing business relationship can be identified based on the following guidelines:
    • The individual made a purchase within the last 24 months
    • The individual received a quotation, made an enquiry, engaged in a discussion or asked a question regarding a product/service within the last 12 months.

You should never use third party or purchased lists. Please see our full terms and conditions.

Note: OneAffiniti maintains a privacy program designed around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 Review Campaign

Content with Your Clients in Mind

We create the email campaign draft that is pre-populated with articles and product content that is relevant to your clients. You’re able to swap out any articles you’d like from our content library, or you can leave as-is for an automatic send 4 days after you receive the draft.


Get Leads

Your Multi-Platform Campaign

The campaign will drive customers to a unique microsite customized with your company’s branding and contact information, including your location and social accounts. You’ll be a marketing pro, with minimal work!

Any inquiries gathered from the campaign are sent to you in real-time.

 Approve Social Posts

Automated Social Posts

Approved content from your email campaign is split into multiple social posts and automatically scheduled to post on your company’s LinkedIn page, just by opting-in to this feature.

 Track Results

Simplified Reporting

See your top engagers, click through and open rates with the campaign summary sent to you 72 hours after your campaign is delivered.

 Close the Loop

Close the Loop

Share your closed sales to help us show return on investment to Google and maintain continued support for the program. It’s as easy as uploading copies of your customer invoices or sales summary via our submission page and takes less than 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being offered this?

Google wants to invest in their partners to ensure continued success, and as such, will fund the costs associated with organizing this marketing activity for you.

Why am I being offered this?

Google wants to invest in their partners to ensure continued success, and as such, will fund the costs associated with organizing this marketing activity for you.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! We are appointed by Google to manage this program, and all costs are 100% funded.

What time and effort is required of me?

After registering, we’ll get you all set up. After that, it’ll require no more than 5 minutes of your time per month to participate in the program.

How do I get started?

There are two simple steps to get started:

  1. Simply fill out the registration form with your campaign preferences so our team can get started on creating and customizing your first campaign.
  2. Upload your target subscribers to your account. We’ll send you an invitation to log in and import your list to Campaign Monitor, the mailing platform we use to schedule your campaigns.

Can I change or approve the content being sent to my customers?

Absolutely – partners have final approval on all content going to their customers.

Can I add my own content?

Yes, we have a custom content template that you can use to provide content for your digital campaign. Your account manager can assist with this process.

Can any Google partner participate?

This program is only available to a limited number of partners, selected by Google. It is strictly on a first-come basis, and numbers are limited.

Does the Google team have access to my customer list?

No. OneAffiniti sets you up, and only you have access to your email marketing account. Strict terms and conditions apply to this.


To get a customized sample draft sent to you, you will need to register your basic information with us. This will allow us to add your logo and information to the email so you get a more realistic idea of what the email will truly look like.

If you don’t need a customized version of the email, you can view our template here.

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